RFC2616 (HTTP Protocol) Division

Published in 1999 RFC2616, Hypertext Transfer Protocol – HTTP/1.1, has been obsoleted by RFC’S[7230-7237] in June of 2014.

The original RFC states:

HTTP has been in use by the World-Wide Web global information initiative since 1990. This specification defines the protocol referred to as “HTTP/1.1”, and is an update to RFC 2068 [33].

The W3 Protocol speficiation documents this change here: https://www.w3.org/Protocols/. It states that it has closed the HTTP Specification 2616 and that it is now managed by the “IETF httpbis Working Group”. The “IETF httpbis Working Group” has a page here: https://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/charter/

I hope that if you are reading this that these new and updated HTTP Protocol documents can assist you with developing web applications.

You can find all of the updated documents on the IETF httpbis Working Group Data Tracker “Documents Page” here: https://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/httpbis/documents/