DC PHP Meetup 8/10/2016

A talk that I gave for DC PHP's August monthly meeting about Input Validation.

Working on Tiger Line Geographic ESRI Shape Files with PHP and MySQL

Using the TIGER line files from the US Census with PHP and MySQL

ZipArchive PHP Object

Have you ever heard of the ZipArchive PHP Class? The ZipArchive PHP class is an object oriented interface to compressed file archives using the zip library.

HTTP Location Redirect Information with PHP’s Curl Extension for development

If you have to deal with HTTP Location headers or HTTP Cookies then being able to see full header output is important.

Code change for CVE-2014-3710


function header

private size_t donote(struct magic_set *, unsigned char *, size_t, size_t, int, int, size_t, int *);


— a/ext/fileinfo/libmagic/readelf.c

+++ b/ext/fileinfo/libmagic/readelf.c

@@ -372,6 +372,13 @@ donote(struct magic_set *ms, void *vbuf, size_t offset, size_t size, uint32_t namesz, descsz; unsigned char *nbuf = CAST(unsigned char *, vbuf);

+       if (xnh_sizeof + offset > size) {

+               /*

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